Rocky's Games

All these games are written in Python and compiled for windows. Depending on complexity, the download is either a single executable file, or a zipped folder bundle. Either way, no installation is needed, just put the file or bundled folder where you want and run the exe file. If you wish, you can set up a shortcut for the executable file. Enjoy!

All of the games have recently been recompiled, to fix some bugs with windows 8 and to speed up the unpacking process at run time.

The Rabbit Adventure Game

A short text based adventure game. Works out of the box with any screen reader.I always wanted a white rabbit called Monty, who could read poetry.

Download the Rabbit Adventure Game

Number of downloads: 137

Rocky's Spacey Vaders

This is my take on the classic space invaders game. It has graphics and audio and can be played by sight or by sound. It has support for several screen readers. Note Jaws captures the arrow keys so use the keys A and D or J and L for movement left or right. I would appreciate feedback from anyone running this game on windows8 or windows10 A larger version of this game is planned with more sounds and more waves of aliens.

Download Rocky's Spacey Vaders Game

Number of downloads: 183

Rocky's Big Pig Game

This is my take on the dice game known as pig. Being text based, it works out of the box with any screen reader. It has 5 computer opponents, each having differing playing styles. Come and meet Private Parts, corporal Punishment, Major Disaster, General Dogsbody and Marshal Arts. Beware Marshal Arts seems to hit anything he wishes.

Download Rocky's Big Pig Game

Number of downloads: 121

Rocky's Game Of Floods

A short text based strategy game. You start with 100 bags of grain and 100 hungry peasants. You need to grow food, prevent floods and guard against bandits. There is a weather forecast to help you plan for droughts, sunny spells, rain or those dreaded floods. The aim of the game is to survive 10 seasons and add to your game score. Works out of the box with any screen reader. An expanded version of this game is planned with audio and graphics.

Download Rocky's Game Of Floods

Number of downloads: 119

Rocky's 3D Bead Brains Game

This board game can be described as a 3D version of connect 4. The aim of the game is to complete a line of 4 beads. Sounds simple but quickly becomes a challenge. The game has both SAPI and screen reader support There is background music and some simple sound effects. The game has adjustable low vision graphics and can be played by sight or by sound. The game is for 1 person against the computer or for 2 people. There is computer assistance to help a younger player and several helpful keys to help audio navigation of the board. A help file can be launched during the game at any time

Download Rocky's 3D Bead Brains Game

Number of downloads: 87

Games currently in development

My next release will be version 2 of the popular spacey vaders game. I have another nearly completed simple text adventure and another simple dice game. I am planning to make a not so simple maths puzzle game. Also at the planning stage is a larger space exploration game. I would most welcome any suggestions of other games you would like to see in development.

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